Dr. Vittorio Grazioli, MD
Chief Executive Officer
The founder and engine of development of the group, he graduated cum laude with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University di Pavia, with a specialization in infectious diseases and clinical biology, as well as a Masters in Health Management.
After having served as laboratory director for important public structures (ASL 14 Piemonte) and private (Human Clinical Institution, Italian Diagnostic Center) and being the president of the American medical technical start-up Ikonisys, Inc., he deals with institutional relationships with clinics and hospitals, and is the promoter of the group’s research and development activities.



Dott.ssa Grazia Letizia Puccetti
Health director
She graduated cum laude in medicine and surgery at the University of Milan, has always been in charge of relations with Italian sanitary institutions. As Health Director guarantee the technical-functional organization of the services and the selection of technical staff.

Dr. Tshering Dorji, MD
Chief of Pathology
After graduating with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Bologna, he has received a specialization in Anatomical Pathology and was the pathological assistant at the National Institute of Tumors of Milan for four years. After having directed the Anatomical Pathology session of the Italian Diagnostic Center for nine years, he is now the Head of the Pathological Anatomy Section and is primarily interested in pigmented lesions and molecular pathology.

Dr.ssa Elena Repetti, MD, PhD
Chief of Genetics
After graduating with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Pavia, she holds a PhD in General Pathology and Genetics at the University of Pavia. She also holds a Master in Rare Diseases from the University of Turin. After having worked for four years as a director of the Molecular and Genetic Biology Lab at the Italian Diagnostic Center, she is now responsible for medical proceedings and is coordinator of clinical and genetic research and development. She also oversees the relationship with patients for all genetic counseling activities.

Sara Allegrini, PhD

Antonio Diana

Maria Grugni

Annalisa Imperato, PhD


Samuela Landoni

Chiara Marcialis

Benedetta Meinardi

Alessandra Sabbatini

Paola Finetto
Laboratory technician

Dr.ssa Sara Trambusti

Brigitte Bisaro
Medical Sales Representative

Massimo Bulgari
Medical Sales Representative


Silvia Cozzini
Key Account Manager

Antimo Diana
South Italy Sales Manager

Rosa Perniola
Medical Sales Representative

Antonio Ricci
Medical Sales Representative

Nicola Zaccaria
National Sales Manager


Alice Barberini
Chief Financial Officer

Simona Cavazzini
Customer Service


Catia Dello Iacovo

Lucia Impagnatiello
Customer Service


Marina Mastrototaro
Customer Service

Letteria Perera
Customer Service and Administration

William Chavez Ramirez