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HeartGenetics – Knowledge through genetics

HeartGenetics is dedicated to keeping people healthy through the use of genetic information.

We help our clients define diet and exercise plans that improve health.

Based on more than 15 years of research in cardiovascular and bioinformatics, HeartGenetics’ R&D team developed new wellness genetic tests and reports that are instrumental in the definition of highly personalised lifestyle plans.

Founded in 2013, the company main goal is to play a key role in applied genetic knowledge and genetic testing, going into the wellness space.

HeartGenetics Vision

To be a leader in the global market in the interpretation of human genetics data, making genetics more accessible and usable for all.

HeartGenetics Mission

To develop innovative solutions, software and genetic tests, which unlock the knowledge encoded in genetics and enhance the health and wellness of every individual.

HeartGenetics Solution

We develop genetic data decoding tools and services to deliver simple, actionable and personalized products.



Genetics & Biotechnology

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Phone: +351 231 410 896

Mail: contact@heartgenetics.com