Il tuo DNA ha tanto da raccontare. Noi lo ascoltiamo.

Your genes carry an amazing story. We listen.

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In the meantime you can explore the services of ImpactLab Group on the dedicated homepages:

TomaLab is a pioneer in human genetics since its foundation in 1979.

A team of over <100 doctors and biologists run an integrated laboratory, ranging from a biochemistry base lab to pathology to NGS genetic sequencing, covering in unique workflows all medical specialities.


Genet is our network of medical doctors, working on-site (in our own ambulatory and partner hospitals) and on-line (through our own telemedicine solution) delivering genetic counselling and visits.

Our Genet medical team is also working constantly in training, CME and webinars to keep our community up-to-date.


HeartGenetics is the “core” of the Bio-Informatic team, working constantly on our own Artificial Intelligence, machine-learning and proprietary algorithms.

Our HeartDecode® software is key to analytics, reporting and certified process flows. HeartGenetics is also our company delivering preventive genetic testing solutions.


Sunrise is our first dedicated product line of genetic panels (developed in house jointly by our scientific, R&D and bio-informatic team) for possible prevention of genetic diseases and with the goal to be purchased directly by patients.


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