the book of life, i.e. the genome, is the best ever written

we are committed to reading it, understanding it
and using it for you

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ImpactLab’s Vision

ImpactLab aims at building-up an international network of genetic services, covering most medical specialties, laboratory technologies and bio-informatic know-how, with the final goal of becoming an international leader in all major genetic markets.

As a leading healthcare partner, we are dedicated to
Medical Science and Research through:

Medical Expertise

Deliver personalized genetic counselling and medical advise


Highly skilled doctors & biologists combined with state of the art testing facilities


Dedicated to in-house R&D, driver of publications, studies and partner in R&D project

Our core competencies:

Reproduction Medicine & Infertility

Oncology & Molecular Pathology



Rare Diseases



Our Value Statement

  • We are dedicated to Medical Science & Research
  • We select the most appropriate and scientific valid test
  • We perform relevant testing: test only what is really needed
  • We prepare Clear & Understandable Reporting
  • We are proactive in Education for Doctors & Patients
  • We behave ethically  and act environmental friendly
  • For Doctors: help them understand how genetics can be a support
  • For Patients: help them understand what they really need
  • Every test must relate to a disease, with a clear treatment, possible preventive actions and a defined cure

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